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ROTOTILLING The garden will be renting a rototiller this weekend on Saturday, May 13.  If you would like to use the tiller for your garden, reply to Priscilla at to get on the schedule.  We will schedule in 30 minute intervals beginning at 9:30 and running until 2:30.

  • You must be present for your garden to be tilled
  • We do not have a designated “tiller man”, you are responsible for operating the tiller yourself, or finding someone willing to help.
  • If you are willing to help other gardeners till, it’s a good way to bag some early season volunteer hours.

WATER The contractor is working on the irrigation system today.  We will let everyone know as soon as the water is on.  ?

Rosedale bees generally just go about their bees-nuiss but there are a couple times when they get worked up. One of those times is when their hives are being checked. Just like you wouldn’t like someone showing up at your front door to unexpectedly poke around your house, neither do they, even if it is for their own good.  

The bee team inspects the hives about every two weeks (most recently this past Saturday) and on those days, if you have a plot in the south half of the garden, you might wait until a half hour after the bee team finishes before working in your plot. That will give the bees time to settle down and everyone can go back to peaceful coexistence.

WORK DAY REMINDER This Saturday, May 13, 9:00 to 12:00 is the first scheduled work day of the season.  Projects include:

  • Herb Garden Clean Up
  • Other general clean up projects
  • The remaining honey will be available for sale at the workday, so bring your money!
  • You can bag some volunteer hours if you are inclined to help other gardeners till their garden.



Time:  9:00 to noon, unless otherwise specified

May 13

June 10 

July 8

August 12

September 9


(record volunteer hours here)SIGN UP TO HELP WITH BOKASHI

All gardeners are asked to participate in one Bokashi session during the season.  One of the Bokashi team will be present at each session to guide the process and answer any bokashi questions you may have.  Each session takes about 45 minutes.  To schedule your session:  

  1. Sign in to the Hours site, 
  2. Click on the Events Sign Up tab in the top menu, 
  3. Search through the listed Bokashi dates(it’s every Saturday)
  4. Click the Bokashi date that fits your schedule.
  5. Click on the orange Sign Up box on the right hand side and sign up.


Bee Hives contact:  Brad Volin at

Compost contact:  Gary Alexander at

Donation Plots contact:

Perennial Team & Herb Garden contact: Christine Francke,

Plots/Membership:  Priscilla at

Website: Andrea at

Leadership Contacts:  (Priscilla, Cindy, Sarah, Liz)  (Priscilla)  (Send your updates for the News Email)  (Jackie) 

Mailing Address:  Rosedale Community Garden PO Box 415 Englewood, Co 80151-0415

Visit us on the web at:


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