Rosedale Garden was founded in 1976. Rosedale is the second largest Denver Urban Gardens Member at 3 acres and 100 full size plots.


Rosedale is an organic community garden. Please leave your dogs outside the fence so they don’t add any extra “fertilizer” to our garden!


Rosedale is located adjacent to Harvard Gulch Park near the intersection of Iliff and Logan.

NEWS SUMMARY: CURRENT NEWS:ROTOTILLING CANCELED – AGAIN So sorry to do this, especially right after the email about the water, but we have to again cancel our rototilling for tomorrow.  This spring weather is just not cooperating.  A check of the soil at the garden this […]
NEWS SUMMARY: CURRENT NEWS:ROTOTILLING RESCHEDULED Sorry for the inconvenience, but better gardeners than I have convinced me that rototilling should be rescheduled to next Saturday, May 20.  Given the 40-plus hours of rain we just received, while good for the garden, rototilling the wet soil will […]
NEWS SUMMARY: CURRENT NEWS:ROTOTILLING The garden will be renting a rototiller this weekend on Saturday, May 13.  If you would like to use the tiller for your garden, reply to Priscilla at plots@rosedalegarden.org to get on the schedule.  We will schedule in 30 minute intervals beginning at 9:30 and […]
NEWS SUMMARY: CURRENT NEWS:STREET SWEEPING REMINDERNow that it is spring, street sweeping has resumed and will continue until November.   Don’t be reminded the hard way like some of us have been. LOCK. THE. GATE. Lock the gate, lock the gate, lock the gate.   And […]

Work collaboratively with a diversity of people for the benefit of the community garden

Use only organic growing methods–no pesticides or herbicides

Tend your plot and maintain pathways around it

Complete your community garden’s required service hours (varies by garden)

Stay on-site while watering to avoid water waste (timers may not be used)

Be kind to your fellow gardeners and the earth

Use this code for all payments/donations to Rosedale including flower bouquets, straw, etc.

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