It is a busy week.  Please take the time to read through all of the announcements!


  • Quick Work Night This Thursday (5/12) to get ready for the DUG Great Day of Gardening
  • DUG Great Day of Gardening – this Saturday 5/14
  • Cleaning Plots and Trash/Recycling Regulations
  • THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers
  • Construction Update
  • Garden Application and Payment
  • Deadline to Have Plot Worked
  • Volunteer Hours Log



Rosedale is hosting a Great Day of Gardening this weekend, which means we will have neighbors and non-Rosedale gardeners in our space on Saturday.  Between the construction and the wind, the garden looks VERY shabby.  Please join us Thursday evening at 6:00 pm to help clean up our space.  If you weren’t part of the team who helped clean out the sheds or unload the POD, please plan to help.  

DUG GREAT DAY OF GARDENINGDUG is sponsoring a city-wide celebration of gardening, with support from Master Gardeners on May 14. Rosedale is participating by holding an open-to-the-public set of classes and tours from 9 to noon that day. Classes are at 9:30 and 10:30 and will cover organic pest control, seeds you can start directly in the garden, transplanting and water conservation. There will also be demonstrations on transplanting. We’ll need someone to make a few signs to put in the lawn strip near the street – please let us know if you’re willing to do this. It would go toward your volunteer hours.
Feel free to come join the fun and pass it on to neighbors and friends.

Please make sure your personal plot is cleaned up.  This means:

  • If you have personal tools or supplies in your plot, they must be contained, ideally in a low profile container.  Tools  left out look junky, are subject to being mistaken for tools that belong to the garden and can attract vandals.
  • If you have piles of supplies like cages and stakes, make sure they are organized, neat and don’t exceed 3 feet.  Take extras home.
  • You MUST take your trash and recycling home.  There is no refuse collection of any kind at Rosedale.
  • Whoever threw their trash into the compost pile, please be considerate, remove the trash and take it to an appropriate refuse container.


Rototiller: A huge thanks to Marsha for picking up and returning the rototiller, and to everyone who helped wrangle that 300 lb. bad boy off of and back on to her truck.  It was a beast!  Another big thanks to Jeff H. and Ron G. for operating the tiller for other gardeners on a super hot Saturday.  All combined, they probably tilled a couple of acres.  Or maybe it just seemed like it.  POD: Thanks to Sara for managing the POD delivery on Saturday and for everyone who helped unload it and return everything to the sheds.  There was a HUGE crew of at least 15 gardeners moving tools and equipment from POD to shed in what must be a record time of 40 minutes.Thanks for all of the muscle, everyone. Now it’s time to get our hands really dirty and start planting.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:Sarah and DUG are meeting with Parks on Thursday morning for an update on the current construction.  Watch for an update from Leadership later tomorrow.

If you haven’t completed your garden application and payment, please do so now at this link application can also be accessed on the garden website,

JUNE 1 DEADLINE:Your plot must be worked by June 1st (see your garden agreement).  It doesn’t have to be fully planted but it must be visibly attended by that date.  Please plan accordingly.  

HOURS LOGFor all of those hard working gardeners from last weekend, be sure to log those volunteer hours. The Hours Log can be accessed on the website, Just click the link, search for Rosedale Community
Garden and complete the registration. If you have any questions, please contact Priscilla at


  • May 21
  • June 18
  • July 16
  • Aug 13
  • Sept 17
  • Oct 15

Upcoming DUG Events:

(record volunteer hours here)SIGN UP TO HELP WITH BOKASHIAll gardeners are asked to participate in one Bokashi session during the season.  One of the Bokashi team will be present at each session to guide the process and answer any bokashi questions you may have.  Each session takes about 45 minutes.  To schedule your session:  

  1. Sign in to the Hours site, 
  2. Click on the Events Sign Up tab in the top menu, 
  3. Search through the listed Bokashi dates(it’s every Saturday)
  4. Click the Bokashi date that fits your schedule.
  5. Click on the orange Sign Up box on the right hand side and sign up.

Bee Hives contact:  Brad Volin at bradvolin@gmail.comDonation Plots contact:  Renata Hahn at
Garlic Team contact: Priscilla Yacovoni at  Perennial Team & Herb Garden contact: Sarah Muntz at
Membership and website contact: Priscilla at
Leadership Contacts:  (Priscilla, Cindy, Sarah, Liz)  (Priscilla)  (Send your updates for the Monday News Email)  (Jackie) 
Mailing Address:  Rosedale Community Garden PO Box 415 Englewood, Co 80151-0415
Visit us on the web at:

If you have questions please email us at
Rosedale Community Garden | PO Box 415 | Englewood | CO | 80151-0415


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