Rosedale is hosting a Great Day of Gardening this weekend, which means we will have neighbors and non-Rosedale gardeners in our space on Saturday.  Between the construction and the wind, the garden looks VERY shabby.  Please join us Thursday evening at 6:00 pm to help clean up our space.  If you weren’t part of the team who helped clean out the sheds or unload the POD, please plan to help.  

Please make sure your personal plot is cleaned up.  This means:

  • If you have personal tools or supplies in your plot, they must be contained, ideally in a low profile container.  Tools  left out look junky, are subject to being mistaken for tools that belong to the garden and can attract vandals.
  • If you have piles of supplies like cages and stakes, make sure they are organized, neat and don’t exceed 3 feet.  Take extras home.
  • You MUST take your trash and recycling home.  There is no refuse collection of any kind at Rosedale.
  • Whoever threw their trash into the compost pile, please be considerate, remove the trash and take it to an appropriate refuse container.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:Sarah, Mark Lafon (our gardener in charge of irrigation), and DUG met with Parks this morning for an update on the current construction. They have finished trenching for the sanitation line that will run from the new overflow pond. But they still have to replace the backflow valve, have it inspected by the city, and reconnect the irrigation system. Sarah and Mark each gave the Parks project managers an earful this morning. (From Sarah: I told them that while the tanks were helpful and appreciated, they are not a replacement for watering with a hose, especially for our gardeners who are not physically able to haul water.)

Parks provided this update later this afternoon:”The additional water tank should be in place tomorrow morning.  We have the equipment on site to begin trenching for the irrigation repairs, and that work will begin tomorrow.  We can’t commit to a completion date since we don’t know the extent of repairs needed, but I would expect the repairs will take a week to complete.”
That’s where we are. If you are not physically able (or it’s just not a good idea) for you to haul water, please email leadership and we will try to help.

FINAL THOUGHT:Remember your garden leaders are volunteers who do this outside of their full-time jobs, full-time families AND their own gardening. We are glad to help but please at least say hello, how are you, or nice weather before launching into “When’s the water going to be on?” “When will we have tools?” Where’s the rototiller?” One of us was even accosted in the grocery store without so much as a “Hello!,” before being asked a one word question – “Water?”  Thanks – 


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