Hello Gardeners – 

We have a new update from Denver Urban Gardens about the conditions we have to meet in order to keep Rosedale open.  The good news is the requirements are in line with what you’re already doing. The bad news is there are some changes to our standard garden operation. We thank you very much for adhering to these requirements and keeping all Rosedale gardeners safe.

In order to keep the community gardens open and accessible, Denver Urban Gardens had to agree to several conditions with the City of Denver and Denver Parks & Rec:

1. Stay home and rest if you are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19.

2. Wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER you go to the garden.

3. If you have sanitizing wipes, bring them with you. If not, carry a ziplock bag with very soapy, warm water and a washcloth.

4. Wear a face mask. (A sneeze by the shed becomes infection by the bees if the virus is caught by a breeze. If you don’t have a face mask, tie a bandana around your nose and mouth)

5. Keep the garden locked when there are no gardeners present.

6. Use sleeves, disposable gloves or other barrier method to open the gate and lock. Wipe down the gate handle and lock after opening and closing.

7. Only use tools you bring from home and only share them with people you live with.

8. Stay 6 feet away from others in the garden. Smile and wave instead of physical contact.

9. Limit the number of people in the garden at any one time to 5 or fewer.

Changes to our status quo:

• Please lock the gate behind you – when the crisis point has passed and we have more freedom, we can again welcome visitors into our garden.

• Only bring helpers who are absolutely necessary to limit the number of people in the garden at any time and allow more gardeners in. If you have to bring young children, they must stay in your plot and the pathways immediately adjacent to your plot at all times.

• Most DUG gardens are 1/5th the size of Rosedale, but DUG had to negotiate using a standard. Please follow all of the requirements above and consider the following:

◦ Looking at the number of people in the garden, can you work on your plot or project without coming within 6’ of anyone else?

◦ If a passerby looked into the garden, would they be compelled to call 311 and report Rosedale for being out of compliance (complaints can result in fees to Rosedale and to DUG)? If so, come back another time or wait until someone leaves.

◦ Choose a time when there are likely to be fewer people in the garden like very early morning or just before sundown.


This matter is very serious – both for the health of all gardeners and for the city to allow all Denver Urban Gardens to stay open. If you do not comply with all the requirements every time you visit the garden, for the duration of the stay at home order, you risk immediate forfeiture of your plot. If all of this is too much to manage this season, we understand. Please let us know that you’d like to give up your plot, we will issue a refund (if applicable) and look forward to seeing you in 2021. 

In progress:

• A spray bottle of a bleach solution for use on wheelbarrow handles before and after use will be placed in the tool shed today.

• If you have other ideas about how we can help people with compliance, please email the Leadership Team.

With any luck, the stay at home order will be lifted or at least modified at the end of this month and we all appreciate your adherence to these restrictions for the next few weeks.

Sarah, Priscilla, Ben


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