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DUG office is closed but staff is diligently working remotely to make sure our programs and gardens are impacted as little as possible. DUG understands that gardening can be a stress-relieving and even immune-system-boosting activity. We want you to be able to go to your gardens, but ask that everyone follow the CDC and CDPHE guidelines around distancing and social precautions for COVID-19 to flatten the curve.

You can still garden! But take some precautions first.
1. Stay home and rest if you are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19
2. Wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER you go to the garden
3. If you have sanitizing wipes, bring them with you. If not, carry a ziplock bag with very soapy, warm water and a washcloth.
4. Use your sleeves, or wear disposable gloves to open the gate and shed locks. Wash down the gate handle and lock after opening and closing.
5. Bring tools from home and only share them with people you live with.
6. If you must use tools from the shed, thoroughly clean the handles with your sanitizing wipes or your soapy washcloth before and after you use them. Wash your cloth and make a new soap solution in a new bag when you get home.
7. Stay 6 feet away from others in the garden. Smile and wave instead of physical contact.
8. Know that your work in the garden is improving your health and the health of your community.
9. Look at the sky and breathe deeply!

General Notes and Guidelines about COVID-19
The virus can live up to 2 days outside of its animal host body. Current research suggests the COVID-19 virus can live for up to 2 days on various surfaces. Possibly longer, possibly less, depending on the actual surface material. We do not know exactly how long it can live, but this is a good parameter to use when making assumptions about what we can and can’t touch.
Soap, alcohol and bleach are the best agents to kill the virus. Soap is VERY effective.

Be kind. Be generous. Be resilient.
We will get through this together.


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