BeeRad, a gardener at Rosedale since 2007, is known to many of us as the guy with the hops, or the Bee guy.  But did you also know BeeRad started a non-profit that helps people experiencing homelessness become self-sufficient? The non-profit is called Housed Working and Healthy. 
More details follow, but real quick, you could help in a big way by following us on social media so we can get the word out:

Housed Working and Healthy 

Helping people become self-sufficient

Co-locating Housing, Mental Health, and Employment

Our cooking is delighting mouths outside the walls of our facility. Find our products at Kaladi Coffee and Zaidy’s Deli in Cherry Creek – both customers of our baked goods. And we are also serving lunches to the local businesses in the area to rave reviews. But don’t just take our word for it.  

Can you help us spread the word? Do you have a coffee shop or deli you frequent that might be in need of a refreshed lineup of baked goods? Do you know a food service-business that might like the idea of supporting a supplier with a mission like ours? Why not ask when you are getting your next cup of coffee? We depend on you, our loyal supporters, to help us make community connections.

We are changing live, within the kitchen, and out in the community. And we invite you to continue to be a vital part of our growth and success. We started our third cohort of students this week, just in time for Colorado Gives Day. We are proud to announce that we are one of the nonprofits to which donors can direct funds on this most important day of awareness and generosity. Here is our link:

Our mission is to help people become self-sufficient. The HWH model is a partner based eco-system that co-locates housing, mental health services, workforce training and employment, along with a meal plan. This supportive structure and services helps people stabilize, develop a support network, become trained, gain experience, get a job, secure housing and ultimately become self-sufficient. This happens in a 12 month program.

We have  a 2400 square foot commercial kitchen and run cohorts of 5 people. Intake is provided by our partner MHBHC and people currently reside at the Comitis shelter. Cohorts are transported by van daily to our kitchen and start with a 2 month curriculum called ‘Culinary Quickstart’, taught onsite by our partner Emily Griffith Technical College. Successful completion of the curriculum leads to our 4 month internship which we also run onsite. At the end of this 6 month period, we facilitate them getting f/t employment in the community, ideally at one of our business partners. Their housing and supports are provided for the next 6 months to help ensure they keep their job. After 6 months being employed, and 12 months being in the full program, we facilitate them finding and securing independent housing.  We provide  ongoing community and support. We measure how many are still employed and maintaining their housing at 12 and 18 months later. 

We have our 10 people currently in the program and are at a run rate to serve 30 people per year (5 new people every two months). We plan to grow during the next 12 months by adding 1-2 additional work areas, and securing onsite housing.


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