• Honey Distribution
  • Carpenter/DIYer Needed
  • Demonstration:  How to Make Products from Beeswax & Honey
  • Charlie

HONEY DISTRIBUTIONWe still have a few jars of free honey for those who have completed their 10 volunteer hours (or are well on track to do so) and didn’t get their jars in on time. Please email Leadership to arrange for a time to pick up your jar. We’re also selling pint jars for $18 to anyone who wants one. Speak now before they’re put up for sale on Nextdoor.

Are you good at building things? The wooden structure/sign outside the gate is falling apart and likely needs to be rebuilt, or at the very least repaired to give it another season or two. The garden will pay for any materials, but we need someone with know-how and initiative to take this on. Please email us if you, or someone you know, could help us out! (the kiosk is project #2)


Join us Sunday, October 1st, 4:30 to 6:00 (weather permitting) for a demo in the garden for anyone who wants to see how our honey, herbs, and beeswax gets made into self-care items.  I’ll set up in the gathering area over by the sheds and I’ll plan on demonstrating lip balm, salve, and lotions.  -Lori Roberts

Sadly our friend and long-time Rosedale gardener Charlie Szymczak passed last week. He had battled aggressive, stubborn cancer, aggressively and stubbornly. Earlier this summer Charlie and his partner Mary did an epic road trip to some of his favorite places – Minnesota, the upper U.S. and Oregon. Charlie did not ever suffer fools and quietly looked after those who were in need or special to him. We’ll miss him, his wisdom, and his obstinance about what mattered.

We’ll let you know when there are plans for a remembrance.

Godspeed Charlie.


  • Oct 1, 4:30-6  Body Care Product Workshop
  • Oct 14, 9-12  Workday


(record volunteer hours here)SIGN UP TO HELP WITH BOKASHI

All gardeners are asked to participate in one Bokashi session during the season.  One of the Bokashi team will be present at each session to guide the process and answer any bokashi questions you may have.  Each session takes about 45 minutes.  To schedule your session:  

  1. Sign in to the Hours site, 
  2. Click on the Events Sign Up tab in the top menu, 
  3. Search through the listed Bokashi dates(it’s every Saturday)
  4. Click the Bokashi date that fits your schedule.
  5. Click on the orange Sign Up box on the right hand side and sign up.


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