It is going to be a beautiful weekend and we hope to see many of you out in the Garden this weekend!


  • Tree Removal
  • Garden Reminders
  • Signs Needed
  • Plot Deadline Approaching – June 1st.
  • Bee Update
  • Open House at the New High School Adjacent to the Garden

CURRENT NEWS:TREE REMOVALThe cottonwood tree at the NW corner of the garden by the detention pond will very likely have to be taken out this week. Given the number of large limbs it dropped during the storm, this is a good thing. Updates as they are available.


  • Close the gate behind you and if you’re leaving, go ahead and lock it (close it, turn the knob, check the gate)
  • When you put your tools away, make sure they are clean from dirt and you close and lock the shed. 
  • The word MASTER faces out for the lock to be rightside up when unlocking it.

SIGNS NEEDEDWe need two new signs for the bulletin board on the outside of the fence

  • No Smoking
  • No dogs permitted in the garden

If you’re willing and able to make the signs, please send Leadership an email. Time counts toward your volunteer hours.

Deadline for working your plot is June 1.  That is next Wednesday so please plan accordingly. It doesn’t have to be planted, but it should be obvious that it’s been tended.BEE UPDATE

Thanks to Tim, Jeff, Lori, Bill and his two friends that helped bring all the equipment back to the sheds on the 14th.  We inspected the packages and verified they were all queen right and doing well.  Unfortunately the swarm hive was not queen right, meaning we did not see any eggs or larva, which means there is no queen. I was able to purchase a new queen the same day and install it.  Special thanks to Jeff who released her two days later on Monday.

It is time to inspect again this Saturday starting at 9am.  Please let us know if you can make it. Patrick and Lori are going to lead the effort.  Plan to meet at the sheds and prep the deeps and frames.  Likely the packages (all the single Deeps except #3) will be ready for Upper Deeps. So the plan will be to prep 4 Deeps with 10 frames each.  The frames should be put in approximately as follows:  HhFFCCFFhH   (Honey, honey partial, Foundation, Comb built out).  This will involve scraping, prepping and arranging the frames. It’s OK to the hive that was prepped for a swarm if needed – try to use Deeps that are in good condition. Then bring everything to the picnic area in wheelbarrows and start the inspections.  If the hive is 60-70% full of bees and the foundation frames have been built out with wax, the bees need more room, and it is time to add the Upper Deep.  Verify it is Queen right by pulling frames until you see larva.  Be very careful not to harm Ms Queen Bee.  After adding all the Deeps (up to 4), continue with:

  1. Inspect hive #3 (the swarm, south side, 2nd pair from the east), and verify the new queen is laying.  Unlikely to need an Upper Deep yet, but probably next time.  
  2. Inspect hive #7 (west end).  Verify the queen is still laying.  It’s not ready yet for a Super.  
  3. Remove all reducers from all hives.

Hope everyone is getting their plot planted.  We are way beehind but will get to it in time.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!- BeeRad


If you are interested, given the proximity of the new school, to the garden, there is an open house at Lourdes this Sunday.  See attached flyer for more information.


Work Days:

  • June 18
  • July 16
  • Aug 13
  • Sept 17
  • Oct 15


(record volunteer hours here)SIGN UP TO HELP WITH BOKASHI

All gardeners are asked to participate in one Bokashi session during the season.  One of the Bokashi team will be present at each session to guide the process and answer any bokashi questions you may have.  Each session takes about 45 minutes.  To schedule your session:  

  1. Sign in to the Hours site, 
  2. Click on the Events Sign Up tab in the top menu, 
  3. Search through the listed Bokashi dates(it’s every Saturday)
  4. Click the Bokashi date that fits your schedule.
  5. Click on the orange Sign Up box on the right hand side and sign up.


Bee Hives contact:  Brad Volin at

Donation Plots contact:  Renata Hahn at
Garlic Team contact: Priscilla Yacovoni at

Perennial Team & Herb Garden contact: Sarah Muntz at

Membership and website contact: Priscilla at plots@rosedalegarden.orgLeadership Contacts:  (Priscilla, Cindy, Sarah, Liz)  (Priscilla)  (Send your updates for the Monday News Email)  (Jackie) 
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If you have questions please email us at 
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