• Saturday Work Day is Cancelled
  • Frost Warning this Weekend – Cover up your plants
  • Water Update
  • Thank You to Post Chicken
  • Garden Application and Plot Fee


SATURDAY WORK DAY IS CANCELLEDDue to weather, the work day scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled.  The next scheduled work day is Saturday, June 18.

FROST WARNING FOR THE WEEKEND For those who have young plants in the ground, keep an eye on the weather forecast, you may want to cover those plants if the temperature drops to, or below, freezing.  Tip:  It’s best to cover plants with a cloth covering of some sort, e.g., old sheets, blankets, etc., instead of plastic.  Plastic can promote freezing if touching the plants.  If using plastic, cover the plants with a cloth covering first and then put the plastic over the cloth to prevent freezing.

WATER UPDATE The end is in sight.  Sarah has been in constant communication with Parks, their contractors, and DUG, working to get the water turned on.  Mark LaFon (irrigation lead for Rosedale) is meeting with the contractor this morning to check the system.  We’ll know more later today, but water may be on by this weekend(weather permitting).  As soon as it is flowing, we’ll let everyone know.  Thanks for all of your patience and understanding during the construction work. 

HOT CHICKEN AND COLD BEER Big shout out to The Post for surprising Rosedale with a delivery of chicken and beer to fuel Thursday evening’s work session.  It was the perfect reward for everyone who helped get the garden looking presentable for the Great Day of Gardening. 
Thanks to everyone who helped out in the garden and to The Post (2200 S. Broadway), our favorite spot in the neighborhood for hot chicken and cold beer! 

GARDEN APPLICATION AND PLOT FEE If you have not yet completed your garden application and plot fee payment, please do so here.  The link is also available on the website,  If you have questions on completing the application, or your plot fee, please contact Priscilla at

PLEASE DO NOT BORROW ITEMS WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION Please respect other people’s property and do not take or use items from other’s plots without their permission.  This is not allowed.  Last week someone helped themselves to items in a fellow gardener’s plot and took some things the gardener was counting on having available.  Let’s be good neighbors and respect one another. 

Work Days:

  • June 18
  • July 16
  • Aug 13
  • Sept 17
  • Oct 15

(record volunteer hours here)SIGN UP TO HELP WITH BOKASHIAll gardeners are asked to participate in one Bokashi session during the season.  One of the Bokashi team will be present at each session to guide the process and answer any bokashi questions you may have.  Each session takes about 45 minutes.  To schedule your session:  

  1. Sign in to the Hours site, 
  2. Click on the Events Sign Up tab in the top menu, 
  3. Search through the listed Bokashi dates(it’s every Saturday)
  4. Click the Bokashi date that fits your schedule.
  5. Click on the orange Sign Up box on the right hand side and sign up.

Bee Hives contact:  Brad Volin at bradvolin@gmail.comDonation Plots contact:  Renata Hahn at
Garlic Team contact: Priscilla Yacovoni at  Perennial Team & Herb Garden contact: Sarah Muntz at
Membership and website contact: Priscilla at
Leadership Contacts:  (Priscilla, Cindy, Sarah, Liz)  (Priscilla)  (Send your updates for the Monday News Email)  (Jackie) 
Mailing Address:  Rosedale Community Garden PO Box 415 Englewood, Co 80151-0415
Visit us on the web at:

If you have questions please email us at
Rosedale Community Garden | PO Box 415 | Englewood | CO | 80151-0415


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