Hello everyone – great news! We will have water and tools this weekend – here’s the scoop:

Tools: Parks will be done with the trenching by end of day Friday and we will have access to the sheds. We have scheduled the POD with the tools to be delivered on Saturday. Since there is no longer access through the Parks property, it will be placed on the street and we’ll need carry the tools and supplies to the sheds. We will need people to help and if you happen to have a wagon to bring and use, even better. (*This counts toward your volunteer hours.)

Time: TBD (We’ll send email times for Saturday once delivery is confirmed)

Water:The water system needs additional rebuilding – for those of you long-timers, this is not a surprise. But while Parks works with Mark LaFon to rebuild, they will provide a 500 gallon water tank for our use. You’ll still need to carry water, but only from the corner of the garden instead of from home.

Please watch your email and plan to lend a hand this weekend. Thanks for your patience and see you soon!

Leadership Team


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