by Brad Volin

Spring is in the air!!  The days are finally getting longer and although we’ve had a recent cold snap, believe it or not, the first nectar flow is flowing which means the bees are getting active. Click here for more info.

In fact, Devin and I will be inspecting the hives at the garden this Sat, Mar 3 around 3pm.  If you are interested in any way, come on down.  It is supposed to be beautiful.

Other activities over the next 2 months in the Bee Committee include:

  • Shed organization.  We’ll install some shelves and bins to tidy things up a bit
  • Build some more deeps (the stackable boxes that form the bee hive)
  • Monthly weight check  (that is one thing we’ll be doing this Sat)
  • Feedings as needed 1-4x/month
  • Inspection/management of each hive

o   Possibly splitting or re-queening hives

If you are interested in any way, please let me know.  We welcome tourists and gawkers, as well as bee helpers. This is a great way to get involved and learn, even if you don’t know anything about bees.

Hope to see you Saturday!

–          BEErad


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