by Millicent Tallard

Rosedale Community Garden

April 23, 2018 – Jackie and I, wearing our DON’T WORRY- BE HOPI tee shirts purchased at Tsakurshovi on Second Mesa, Arizona, met with 17 senior class students and two teachers from The Waldorf School.  They had asked if they could help with our Hopi Corn and Pumpkin Projects this season. They would dig and weed for us in exchange for learning a bit about what we are doing.

We stood around the picnic table by the gate and I gave a brief talk on how we got interested in Hopi Corn and what success we had with it in previous years.  This will be our 8th season.  I passed around photos that had had used in other talks.

The students got to work with shovels and forks and in a short time the whole corn patch was dug ready for planting which will be done in June.  They were all in high spirits and with some instruction from their teachers they not only did the corn patch but also the spots for our pumpkins. They were all laughing and talking when they left us and went to their school garden patch. I took a lot of photos and will continue to do that as we plant and the season progresses.


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