It was a cool and damp start to the day, but when the Best.Workday.Team.Ever. started arriving, we knew it would be a good day.

First project of the day was clearing an abandoned plot from last season to give its new gardeners a jumpstart. Thanks to Joe G., Andre, Jen P. (and son), and Mark D. for clearing, cleaning, and hauling, and to Ludi for rototilling on Sunday. The plot is now ready for new gardeners, Rachel(north half) and Cara(south half), to start planting.













Next, was weeding the garden’s garlic beds(again!).  The straw bales we used for mulch last fall weren’t as seed/weed free as promised.  You can’t tell the garlic from all the straw that sprouted around it.









But after the Best.Workday.Team.Ever. had finished, there was nothin’ but garlic…

Paula and Hannah: Weeding champs! Nothing but garlic now!

Many thanks to the whole garlic weeding team:  Paula, Bruce, Hannah, Mark, Nancy, and Nate.

P.S.  Don’t forget to record your hours.  🙂


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