We got more bees! Dennis, Matt, Julie, Elaiah and Elianajoy helped install the two nucs into hives #1 & #4.  Both looked very strong with lots of bees and lots of brood.  We were even able to see lots of developing larvae.

There are sticks by the entrance – this helps the bees orient to their new home.  I’ll be removing the sticks, and putting the white nuc boxes back into the shed later this week.

So take a minute to check out your friendly bees next time you are at the garden.  Approach the hives from the side and you are unlikely to have any issue.  Looking closely, you’ll probably see bees entering the hives loaded with pollen (orange sacs on the hind legs).

Bee trivia: should I put water out?  No, we are lucky to have the creek so close, so the bees have plenty of water.

–          BeeRad


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